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Christmas With The H Girls!

Tried and tested gift ideas for your little lady this xmas.

Can you believe it's that time of year again?!

Where we stress ourselves out and rattle our brains trying to think of the perfect gift. While we all know it's not the gift but the thought that counts, there's no doubt we still want to ensure some happy faces come Christmas day. So here I've compiled my top picks for a guaranteed "best Christmas ever". And on top of that each gift idea comes with an EXCLUSIVE discount code to make sure it doesn't break the bank. Your welcome...

Miniland Dolls & Clothing.

There is absolutely no doubt that if your on instagram then you have seen the ever popular miniland dolls. This was one craze i promised myself i wasn't going to cave into. But when the opportunity arose for me to get one for Lexys birthday i crumbled. "I'm only going to buy one outfit - how many outfits does a doll really need? I'm not going to go crazy"

Hahaha i really should've known better than that.

However! I have to admit - they are well worth their craze! Lexy absolutely adores playing with her dollies (which we are yet to name) and its a real bonus that they have a delicious vanilla scent that really lingers throughout the room.

Miniland dolls have well-defined ethnic features to aid the identification of the most representative races.

So if you haven't gotten your girl (or boy - YES they have boys dolls too!!) then these are great starting point, plus you'll get the added benefit of having present ideas for birthdays and christmas' to come from the hundreds of accessories you can get for them!

Next lets talk outfits, because lets be real, half of the fun of a miniland is the fact you can dress them up and down and even get matching outfits! The list of stores you can buy outfits from are endless which means the options are endless too, however obviously i've got my faves which i'll share with you down a bit further. Changing outfits can also help your little one with their sense of style- letting them choose their outfit for the day or even make them feel included if your preparing for a new baby.

TIP: If you plan on buying some outfits to match your dolly then purchase your dolly unboxed and undressed to save some serious cash!


My top store picks are

Mama and Estelle who are offering 25% off miniland & MMI with code HOUSEXMAS valid till 30th Nov.

Isobel and Lulu using code HOUSEXMAS for 20% off. (see stores individual posts for xmas cut off)

Aria Jayne Boutique using code HOUSEXMAS FOR 20% site wide (xmas delivery & code cut off is 22nd November)

Goodnight Dolly!

Now that you've got yourself a dolly and some sweet fashion, your miniland is going to need a place to sleep. you'll be forgiven for spending a little bit extra on this next idea because, well.. ROSE GOLD!

That's right, look no further than the Incy Interiors Mini range because they are a show stopper! These fit the miniland dolls perfectly and nice and sturdy so you can rest easy knowing they are not going to brake with some 'heavy' play.

Now if you are lucky enough to already have the lifesize then its really a no brainer that dolly need the mini.

But if your still on the fence and haven't seen the incy pieces in person then i can understand why you may not be so sure on the cost, however i can assure you they are WELL worth it. The quality is exactly the same as their lifesize, mean its strong and that rose gold shine, well - there's nothing quite like it.

Available in both a mini single & mini cot this is one piece your little lady (and dolly) will thank you for!

While your incy purchase does come with a little mattress, you've gone this far so you might as well go the whole nine yards and get some show stopping dolly bedding to complete the look!

Ivy and Aida is the way to go with their timeless ruffles and original prints and designs.

There's just something so magical about the ivy & bedding, its classic feel just oozes such beauty and the best part? You can do matchy match of course! We all know i'm a sucker for that!

If you don't have an incy mini- dont stress! Dolls bedding is custom made so it can be made to suit any size you have (just make sure you pop it in the notes )

There's a bunch of fabric choices so you can suit any theme but my current crush is this often overlooked print - Tully. A beautiful teal tone with a dainty floral print, it's a great way to inject some color into your space and step outside the box.

But if your unsure- you can always go with classic white to keep it neutral, the ruffles speak for themselves!

You'd also be forgiven if you couldn't resist and accidently added some life size bedding to your cart at the same time- go on, you know you want to!


Incy Interiors are offering 25% off their mini range using code HOUSEXMAS

(Xmas cut off & code expires 11th December)

Ivy and Aida are offering 10% with code HOUSEXMAS (Linen cut off is 15th Nov, sheets will cut off aprx 1st Dec, so be quick to avoid disappointment) Code will expire once xmas cut off closes.

Time for a tea party!

A teddy bears picnic is hardly complete without the ultimate tea set And i've got a bunch of stores here so you can create the ultimate setup!

This really isn't limited to girls as Caiden loves a good tea party just as much.

This time of year is super popular for kitchen hacks- so if your planning on a kitchen for xmas or already have then these options are all great to up your kitchen game (kitchen isn't necessary fyi just makes for the extra fun)

Three Wild ones is your one stop kitchen hack shop! they have great little kitchen packs which include hot plates, chopping boards, utinzels and more which will take your kitchen to the next level!

If your really lucky you may also be able to get your hands on one of their wooden tea sets which you can customise to suit your color theme (the full white was a complete custom so keep in mind this would incur an extra fee as a lot more work is involved- but worth it!)

These were a pre order though which is now closed so their may only be limited stock remaining in time for xmas.

My next kitchen must haves are some felt food from Chook Shed Designs. The detail and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces is incredible. So you can be assured it looks like the real deal. From fish & chips through to sweets there's not really much you can't get. And it's not just the food, they've got pizza ovens, tea sets and ice cream stands to create a full cafe in your backyard which is pretty bloody amazing if you ask me!

This is such a timeless gift idea as its really not something that goes out of fashion- and suitable for all ages! My 1yo loves it just as much as my 6yo!

Next up? Make me iconic have a range of icon aussie foods that will give you all the nostalgic feels. My personal fave are the cookies and ice creams. Seriously, don't they just remind you of being a kid?! The back of the bickies are also numbered- which means they can also be used as a learning activity - so that's a real bonus.

It doesn't have to stop there though- these strong wooden toys are also available as puzzles and australian vehicles! So many options which all can be purchased through Mama and Estelle.

Kids love recreating real life when they play which is why these are so much fun! Perfect for adding to those tea parties and great as a dessert to the meal they just cooked in the kitchen. I absolutely love watching the girls imaginations run wild while they are playing with these- feeding their dollies and each other.

Keeps them occupied long enough for me to have some time to myself and drink the coffee they have made me in their little cups, free refills of course!


Three Wild Ones using the code THEHHOUSE for 20% off! (cut off TBA)

Chook Shed Designs using the code THEHHOUSE for 10% off (excludes tea sets)

Xmas Cut off 25th Nov

Mama and Estelle using the code HOUSEXMAS for 25% off Miniland and Make me iconic- expires 30th Nov.

Fairy Magic!

If your wanting to add a touch of magic to your christmas day then this next idea is THE ONE for you. I was absolutely blown away by this little store when i came across it- i just knew we had to have some of their gorgeous pieces.

Everything you need to turn your little girl into the fairy she's dreamed of. A range of sweet little tutus to choose but our fave (pictured here) is the pink swan lake tutu which has the ultimate poofy tulle skirt! We've also chosen the butterfly wings which are embellished with gorgeous sequins and are ULTRA glamorous!

Complete the look with a pretty fairy wand and cute ears!

Lexy was mesmerized with these pieces when she saw them- she was floating around like the queen she is for hours!

What i love about these is that they are not just for play - they also make a real statement as a decor piece which is a an absolute double win for me as i can hang them in the room and they look gorgeous!

You really have to check out this story for yourself as there are so many pretty little pieces to choose from that i have know your little lady (or niece or friend) will adore. 110% Lexy Approved!

There is no doubt these pieces are real head turners so could also be used as a birthday outfit to make your little lady feel like the princess she is!

Keep in mind these are slightly delicate and include small pieces so i wouldn't recommend them for babes under 3.


Nicole Elliott Designs are offering 20% off with code THEHHOUSE

(Ensure you've ordered by December 13th if you'd like your goods to arrive for xmas)

My Fave Stocking Fillers!

Bags and accessories are a great little option for stocking fillers You can never really have to many and a little bag is perfect to put all the pressies in and carry around.

Lexy is obsessed when it comes to bags and necklaces (such a little diva atm), there is a not a day that goes by she doesnt pull on out. And if we go to the shops and she forgets a bag - god help us!

The thing i love about the bags from Izoa Australia, is they are the perfect size for tiny ladies. Still plenty of room for all the things but not to big that they won't be able to carry it around themselves. There's lots of cute options to choose from, all with an affordable price tag.

For some added fun - pop a little wrapped up gift inside the bag so when they open it there's another surprise. Lexy seems to love putting a wallet and cards in there- she loves pretending to buy something so that could be a little idea for you.

Izoa also has little necklaces available which are super cute and special - however as they contain small parts i wouldn't recommend them for kids under 3.

Little makeup lovers has to be the ultimate stocking filler for your 3-6 year olds! Not only because it's so much fun but because its COMPLETELY MESS FREE! Looks exactly like the real deal but cannot make a spec of mess! Play with dollies- with daddy- on your white carpet and you don't have to worry at all! There was a time where Lexy would go for my makeup draw quite regularly and that's when i realised i had to try this, i'm so glad i did as i honestly think this may be one of Lexys fave toys!

There are lots of options to choose from is well- pinks, purples or even frozen themed! As well as brushes, mirrors and nail polishes.

This is another option that really captures the imagination so i promise you'll see hours of fun from it.


Izoa Australia. offering 20% off with code HOUSEXMAS

Little Make Up Lovers offering a free pretend nail polish with every little miss darling set. Use code HOUSEXMAS expires 31st Dec (xmas delivery cut off 20th Dec)

So, off you go, make your lists and get your shopping started!

Christmas shopping can be stressful, so make sure you get those things you plan on ordering online early so you don't have the added stress of wondering when it's going to arrive.

And if you do purchase something from our guide, don't forget to tag me @thehhouse_ , i'd love to see your purchases.


The H House


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