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Create Your Own Dreamy Space!

Been wanting to style your children's space but not sure where to start? I've got you covered with a few hot tips to get you started!

Get Inspired!

Start by filtering through pinterest and instagram and find photos of rooms you drool over.

Creating a board and adding pins is a great place to start as you'll be able to see all the rooms and pieces you love next to each other and give you a better idea of the style your drawn too.

Set Yourself a budget!

It can be easy to get carried away with all the amazing kids pieces out there, and trust me you dont want to fall into a rabbit hole (ive been there)

Set yourself a realistic budget and stick to it!

Styling doesnt have to be expensive - you can find loads of bargins on your local buy/sell pages, fb marketplace and kmart/ big w are really stepping up their game lately.

HOT TIP: dont be afraid to diy, it often makes the best pieces - im often finding old pieces around my in laws house, giving them a fresh coat of paint and been blown away by the results!

Choose a colour scheme!

The best way to create a long lasting space that your children aren't going to grow out of quickly or get sick of is by choosing a colour theme rather than ne locked into a set theme (you know what i am, avengers, princesses - all those things they get over within a month)

By choosing a colour pallet that suits, the room can continue to grow as your child does.

Keep the base of the room in your chosen colour themE and then just select a few pieces that you want to use to create your 'theme' - this way if your little girl no longer wants those princess bedspreads, decals, signs etc that you spent 100s of dollars on- your not going to get to upset. Pieces that work in with lots of themes is KEY!

Decide On a focal Point or statement piece

This is the big ticket item that you can be forgiven for spending the majority of your budget on. It could be an incredible bed head, a piece of art, a mobile or a canopy. Something that will really capture your attention. Keep in mind you'll be working most of the room around this piece so it has be something you absolutely can not live without! ( you'll be staring at for years to come so choose wisely)

Dont forget: Most of us cant be changing our kids rooms regularly- so choose something that you'll easily be able to include in the space if you decide to redecorate!

For us, its our incy rose gold eden bed! a real statement piece that will be in lecys room until she can afford to buy her own new bed.

Layer with Texture 7 Art!

Throws and cushions are great place to start. This is where the room starts to feel more lived in. Find and play with different textures and colours to give some depth to your room.

If your budget is tight then kmart, target and big w have so many great options to give you the desired effect.

If you've gone with a colour theme this is where you can add in some theme art as its easily replaceable, not to expensive (well doesn't have to be) and can change your look ENTIRELY!

Storage, storage and more storage!

Be realistic, children accumulate a lot of stuff!! And your going to need somewhere to store it all so that it doesn't ruin all your hard work and the effort you put into styling this space.

Find yourself some storage solutions that fit with the space.

This could be a large toy box, baskets - if your lucky enough to have a wardrobe then get some serious marie kondo on that so you can fit allllll the things inside!!

My absolute fave pieces for storage are the Belle and co living trunks! They look amazing and can hide away a bunch of junk! (that's not sponsored either guys just a loved product!)

Styling is all about finding your own groove, being inspired by the things you love and jumping in there and giving it a go. Move things around until your happy!

A few months ago i would have NEVER considered myself a stylist - in fact Lexys nursery was terrible!! But i slowly found my groove and are happy with how far i've come!

Give it a go - you might surprise yourself.

Id love to see your before and afters - tag me on insta @thehhouse_

Heres mine...

lexys space before i learnt anything about styling (CRINGE)

Lexys Space today

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