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HOW TO: Hack an Insta Worthy Kids Kitchen!

Ok, so we are all deep into ISO now and trying to find anything to keep us busy. Home decoration and hacks are the number one boredom buster right now. I can tell because the questions have been flooding in about how i hacked my kids ikea kitchen, and yes i know there's been a tonne of blogs out there already on this subject - but hey if it helps then whats one more?

We originally bought this kitchen as a last minute gift idea just two days before my daughters 3rd birthday, and of course in true H style it had to be hacked. We rushed it and just quickly sprayed it with spray paint all white with black tap ware. It looked great! For about 1 week. So when i say you should really take the time to do it properly- i mean it! The effort is worth the result.

Lexys original kitchen hack for her 3rd birthday.

Alright so lets get get started, first off you need to come up with a design. Searching #ikeakitchenhack #kidskitchen on Instagram and similar searches in pinterest is a great place to start. They will give you some inspo so you can come up with your own design.

Once you've decided on your design its time to get sanding!

We decided to leave the original white pieces as they were. We then pulled the kitchen apart (kitchen comes dismantled anyway) and used an electric sander over all of the wooden pieces. This is super important as the clear coating over them means your paint will not stick and chip easy with play. Make sure you take your time and prep properly otherwise you will end up extremely disappointed after a few days or wear and tear.

We then just used some old white paint we had left over from our cubby reno to paint this part. (note its not an exact match to the cupboard doors- if you'd like an exact match you can take a door to bunnings and they can color match for you) We used a taubmans exterior paint.

We did aprx 3 coats on this just to be sure. (keep in mind if you plan on doing a bench top there is no need to paint this section)

Next it was onto the handles, tap and sink. Which again will need prep. Use a scotch bright and some detergent to rub thee back thoroughly, make sure you get inside all the nooks which is quite fiddly. The ring around the hot plates needs to be masked up if you plan on paint that also. Don't forgot the bar for the utensils to hang of is well if you plan on keeping it.

We then used a plastic primer first on these pieces and then a spray paint with paint and prime. Avoid using metallic or chrome spray paints as they do not wear as well and chip easily. I have tried a tonne of golds over time - but this one has been my fave to date! You'll probably need two coats of gold.

Next up, if you plan on adding in a feature bench you can find the gorgeous terrazzo one that i have used here:

This is super easy to install while your kitchen is still apart. On a flat service place the wallpaper leaving about two cm over each edge of the bench, lift and slide the backing paper out slowly pushing out any air bubbles as you go. If you make a mistake, its totally fine, just lift the wallpaper off and start again- its very durable ! Now the wallpaper is on, cut out a little triangle shape on each of the corners and folder them under the sides. For the sink, tap and hot plate area you just use a Stanley knife and cut the hole out and then fold it under. No need for it to be perfect as once you place the tap and sink in it you will not be able to see any wonky cuts! Once that is all done its time to put your kitchen together! YAY

If your anything like me than you'll love the open back on the kitchen but if you've got a different kitchen and don't have this option or would just like to add a splash back than Minnie and Me Interiors have you covered. They have so many different options to choose from and you can find all of the kitchen hack products available here:

Once again for this part we just used some old mdf that we had lying around the house (again available from bunnings if you don't have any) and measured the splash back piece and cut to size ( the wall paper has the option to choose which kitchen you have and comes cut to size). To apply, lie on a flat service starting on one side pulling the backing paper off around 10 cm at a time and pushing any air bubbles out as you go. Once your happy with your application just use a few screws and the drill it onto the back of your kitchen so its secured nicely.

Now comes the fun part, styling! Luckily kitchen toys are pretty easy to come by especially at stores such as kmart and big w. You may need to mask them up and paint them to match your kitchen if you really want that perfect aesthetic but its easy enough- just time consuming and fiddly! To give you an idea, the pots in the above picture from kmart required around 3 coats of white paint.

There are some super cute options from small businesses though and i highly recommend supporting them where you can. When it comes to kitchen hacks my ave would have to be Three Wild Ones. Literally your one stop hack shop! Everything from food pieces, hot plates, utensils and more.

So now your kitchen is ready for play! (and that is after all the reason you bought it)

The extra effort we put into hacking this kitchen the second time around has been well worth, all 3 of my children play with this kitchen daily! So take the time to do it properly so that your hard work lasts. so now I've covered all the questions around how i created this and which pieces I've used hopefully this inspires you to get started on your own - if there's still something your not sure please don't hesitate to reach out to me via DM, i'm more than happy to help where i can.

Below i have created a source list of all the products that feature in my kitchen images with clickable links and applicable discounts. So, HAPPY SHOPPING!


Kitchen: Ikea

Splash back and bench top: Minnie and Me Interiors

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Lollipops, Open sign, S&P Shakers, Baby bottle, clear plaque, pretzels, clear menu, bank card and tea towel: Three Wild Ones


The H Cafe Sign: Ava and Harper Co


Wooden Tea Set and Miniland Doll: The Childhood Collective


Toaster and Pots (hacked): Kmart

Rattan High chair: Tiny Harlow

Rattan Suitcases: Sweet Little Dreams

Felt Food: Chook Shed Designs


Brooke xo

For more inspo and styling tips and tricks - follow my instagram @thehstyled

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