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HOW TO: Recreate our Floral Tea Party!

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

When I caught wind of the idea of a floral tea party campaign for @dreamyspacesandco , I was pretty quick to put my hand up for it. Anything pink and floral certainly has my name on it. Pretty quickly I came up with a moodboard and vibe for something fun and magical.

Now it seems you guys are LOVING my H House parties (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then click here to see the original boho garden party) so I thought I’d give you a run down on how to recreate this look and make your own H House inspired party.

Create your base!

Setting up the base of the party is your first step. i began by creating a table from old pallets. You’ll need to find 3 pallets that are of the same size. Making sure they are in decent condition so you guest don’t get splinters! If you don’t have any, you can easily find them through FB Marketplace for free (or close to). Then they will need painting, I went with a ombré look, so chose 3 tones- one for each pallet. The colors I chose were from the taubauna range, Monica pink for the bottoms Really Rose for the middles and white for the top. I picked up 500ml sample pots for each color which cost $9 each. Each pallet used almost a full pot.

Once they are finished, place each one on top of each other to create a table with a twist!

From there, you’ll need a back drop! Here I went with a circular mesh style. I worked with the amazing ladies from Millie and Passion on shoot day and they helped me with some hire items to bring this space to life! If DIY isn’t for you, or, is it but you just need some hire items, the girls from @millieandpassion (Sydney based) are offering 10% off their packages for a limited time. But a floral backdrop or gold mesh could also work very well for this kind of design. The mesh was simple enough that i was able to add some dressing to it, and this is where you really add some fun! The giant dried palm leaves can be found at local parks or your neighbours house! And depending on your color palette, are very easy to paint if need be. For these we just used pink spray paint, which really packs a punch!

I have used a custom neon light for our signage, however this isn't a budget friendly option. You could get a similar effect using wooden signage or even foam! Although, if costs not an issue for you, id recommend Sketch and Etch Neons, these are pretty next level! I absolutely love ours!

Then comes balloons! Event stylists charge mega dollars for these garlands! But i am here to tell you that you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost! And it is EASY AS! The Pop Up Party Co has got you covered creating kits with everything you need, making it easier than ever. This design is call 'In the rose garden' - the kit is decked out with all the balloons and pieces to make the garland. Its as easy as blowing up the balloons and sticking them into a long strip. If its your first time making up, id say your looking at maybe 2 hours. But if you have a few people helping, you can easily get it done within the hour. My husband and i made this one together in just half an hour. My tip: Blow up all your regular and large balloons first, place them onto the strip and install where you'd like it go. Once its up then blow up your small balloons and stick them into holes or spots you'd like to fill. PUPC also offer table wares and other party decor options so be sure youve checked out their site for all your party related needs. The Pop Up Party Co are offering 15% off excluding custom orders!

Lets make this party comfortable!

So now you've really got the base of a good party set up - its time to make your guest more comfortable.

Rugs and cushions are KEY when it comes to these outdoor picnic style parties, Thankfully you can pick these parts up pretty cheaply and for this part, more is more! Find as many rugs as you can, they don't have to all be same or matching just keep with the same color palette. Round or square- it doesn't matter, you'll be layering them around the area to create a bigger space for your guests. My only suggestion would be low pile- nothing shaggy as these are much harder to clean when your done. They will get dirty! Especially if its a kids party- so don't spend a fortune. Kmart and FB marketplace is a winner! Or if your hiring a party package make sure you speak with them as its likely they will have a selection.

Add the magic!

Ok lets be honest, these outdoor style parties are pretty insta worthy on their own but i always like to add an extra special corner anyway. A little play corner or extra spot for some happy snaps. This is why i've created the little tee pee nook, kids adore it! You could also use a canopy or even some tulle draped over trees would be stunning! Add in a cute little extra special rug, some fancy cushions and viola! Ive gone with the Addison Wonderland playmat in our little nook, not only is it beautiful but its waterproof and can be used in the bedroom or playroom when finished.

Whether its a photoshoot or a real life party, your going to need to keep those kids entertained. Adding in some interactive toys that also still suit your theme is a great way of ensuring your party stays 'insta worthy' if that's your vibe!

There were three must haves for this party:

- A cute little wooden tea set from Mama and Estelle. Our girls didn't want to put it down, it made them feel they were in their own little world while sitting sipping their tea under the teepee. Mama and Estelle also have some pretend candy and cookies which we included also and they are offering 15% off!

- We then opted for some Miniland Dolls by Axis Toys,just a simple way of making sure everyone had a special little friend which goes beyond the party.

-Felt food from Chook Shed Designs, there are 101 reasons why i love Chook Sheds felt food! You spend hours setting up a gorgeous food platter, only for it to be ruined within 2 minutes flat by being eaten (like how dare people come to a party and eat your food) but with some felt food - you get that full platter look for the entire party! It can be used as a toy and a decoy if your not offering dessert, WIN WIN! Chook shed designs are offering 10% off.

What i love about all of these options is that they will easily be used well and truly once the party is over. So they are not a wasted purchase. My girls play with each of the above, DAILY! But you could also use any of them as a party favour or gift if your feeling generous! Florals are a pretty key piece to a floral party (well any party really). Generally your stylist will also be able to help you with this but if your DIYing I would recommend Babies Breath for bang for buck! Flowers can work out quite expensive but babies breath makes your arrangements look nice and full add 2/3 fresh flowers and you can make lots of small mason jar style arrangements to place on your picnic table at reasonable price. If you have a flower market in your area, i highly recommend checking it out! You'll be blown away.

What do i wear? When it comes to special occasion wear you can not go past the beauties that are White and Willow. They have a range of different dresses, rompers and headwear that are truly gorgeous and at a really decent price point given the quality. The pieces all match each really well to which is a bonus if you'd like to do sibling photos but don't want them in the exact same outfits. They are also offering an amazing 15% off!

Ok ok, you should know me by now and you know i'm just that little bit EXTRA when it comes to my daughters. You can not have a party like this and not have some include Fairytale Wings.These are everything i could wish for out of my childhood dreams, the touch of magic every little girl needs. I often use the matching wands as table decorations because they are just so pretty.

If you would like to redeem any of the discounts offered in this blog, enter the code DREAMYSPACES at checkout. This code will expire on the 10th February at midnight.

This campaign was a labor of love and i had an absolute ball putting this concept together and creating beautiful content for the wonderful members of Dreamy Spaces.

Merische and I work hard together to bring you original content that really captivates and inspires. So if your looking at upping your insta game with some scroll stopping content or would just love to be involved in something like this then head here > to register your interest for the elite club.

Doors open on the 24th Feb and will close on the 29th.

We have already started planning my next magazine campaign and i can assure you that it has never been done and will BLOW YOU AWAY, this is one that's not to be missed!

Brooke xo

DISCLAIMER: This campaign was designed, styled and photographed by me at @thehhouse_ exclusively for the Dreamy Spaces and Co members. Please do not use these images without permission. Contact either myself or Merichse at Dreamy Spaces and Co for usage enquiries.

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