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HOW TO: Style the Spinkie Teal Canopy.

One canopy, two completely different ways!

The last time i styled a boys space i was only just starting my styling journey and wasn't overly confident in my abilities. Since then, it was kind of put on the back burner but when Spinkie Baby contacted me and asked if i offered boys styling, i jumped at the idea.

What a perfect opportunity to continue challenging myself and see how much i've grown since my last boys space.

As we talked, we both agreed that boys spaces were so underrated so it was important for us to show that boys bedrooms can be just as beautiful as little girls. It quickly turned into a full concept, one canopy, two ways!

So here it is, come and take a look at how i've styled the gorgeous new sheer canopy in teal by Spinkie Baby.

Look One: Prehistoric Luxe

Lets start by taking a look at the before photo for Caiden so you can really see the transformation.

Before transformation

After transformation

I wanted this new space to easily grow with Caiden, As a 6 year old who's interests are constantly changing i wanted it to be easily adaptable to whatever he may be into at the time.

I went with a monochrome base, as this is something that will really go with anything - so i won't have to change the entire space if we want to mix it up.

Gold being one of Caidens favourite colors, i thought it would be perfect to compliment the teal and add a touch of luxe.

The whole room was designed with the canopy in mind, so i went off searching for the perfect monochrome wallpaper to be able to showcase its stunning colour. This is one trend id be dying to get amongst. i was looking for something simple but something that was able to create a statement on its own without overshadowing the canopy. That’s when i found the Mono Dash design from Tiny Walls.

The great thing about this wallpaper is its removable! Which makes it super easy to install and great for renters!

We then added in the Louis Bed from Incy Interiors, its gorgeous nickel tone is a statement on its own but sits perfectly under the canopy without overshadowing the wallpaper.

All working together to create a cohesive space.

As always we have added in our fave Belle and Co living storage cases for extra storage.

The gold hardware ties in with gold signage and adds a luxe of luxe.

It was important to ensure the space also reflected Caidens interests, so i have used Caidens favourite Dino artworks from A little bit of Meka, the blue tones really create an impact against the monochrome wallpaper- which is perfect to inject some personality.

And to add a touch more color, I’ve gone with a rainbow from Ava and Harper Co, to finish & fill the space on the wall.

I have used the Dreaming in Space print from Ginger and Pear gifts as a fitted sheet. Its watercolor print is subtle and has all the right color tones to tie in the room, right down to the little gold details on the print.

I've really enjoyed redesigning this space and are so pleased with the result. It's all come together exactly how i imagined and has just got a real fun vibe.If you have any questions about this design and the products use, don't be shy to let me know.


Teal Sheer Canopy, Star cushions in mustard gold, teal and vintage blue - Spinkie Baby

Louis Bed - Incy Interiors

Fitted Sheet - Ginger and pear gifts

Gold rectangle pillow, round white pillow & gold frames- Kmart

Charcoal Bedding - Spotlight

Charcoal & Gold cases- Belle and Co Living

Crochet toy basket- Two Little Bambinos

Petrol cloud cushion- Peppermint tree creations

Gold Signage- Zavyanne

Dino Artworks - A little bit of Meka

Beaded garland - Kubbi and Co

Rainbow - Ava and Harper Co

Rug - Mocka

Look Two: Vintage Luxe

I'm not going to lie, Im pretty smitten over this space! The rose gold against the teal is such a stunning combination and shows that blue isn't just for boys!

This room oozes femininity with whats usually seen a a 'boy color'.

I decided to change up the design a little by placing the canopy at the end of the bed,

I've then added in the white vintage mini mobile from Little Cloud Lane so make it a touch more girly.

Monochrome floral wall decals from Tiny Walls are a constant feature in this room, the grey scale means they fit in well with the majority of our fave looks.

For the bed linen i have used the gorgeous Elysian fitted sheet and pillow case from Doll & Brat, which has beautiful hues of dark and light blue. Finished with the dainty vintage ruffles from Ivy and Aida and the spinkie star cushion in teal

Hanging above the top of the bed is an incredible beaded chandelier hand painted in white from Elok Store. This piece is an absolute show stopper, but is still easily paired inside this room with a lot of other statement pieces. This is currently being used as a decorative piece only, however it comes with all the necessary equipment to be installed as a working light (which i'm hoping to be able to do ASAP in order to show you- stay tuned).

The Belle and Co Living storage cases are perfect for extra storage and also double as a side table which is the perfect height. The white with rose gold hardware is the perfect match to the Incy interiors eden bed.

Cushions are the perfect way to add texture and tie in decor pieces. By adding in this cloud by Peppermint Tree Creations along with the Spinkie star in vintage blue i was able to tie all the pieces of the room together so it felt like a cohesive space. This crochet toy basket is handmade by Two Little Bambinos and paired with the Olli Ella Luggy from Baby Donkie adds some texture to this corner of the room.

I think we can all agree that this teal blue and white color palette creates a really calming space which would be perfect for any little girl. While is not your typical girls space, tt shows that blue is a beautiful color that can easily be made feminine.


Teal Sheer Canopy - Spinkie Baby

Mini vintage ivy mobile - Little Cloud Lane

Elysian Fitted Sheet & Pillow case - Doll & Brat

White Vintage Ruffle Blanket & Pillow case- Ivy & Aida

Monochrome Floral Decals- Tiny Walls

Butterfly Wall Decals - Little Custom Creations

White Mini Beaded Chandelier- Elok Store

Rose gold Eden Bed- incy Interiors

White & Rose gold cases- Belle and Co Living

White Chair - Adairs Kids (painted by me)

Olli Ella White luggy - Baby Donkie

Miniland Doll- Mama and Estelle

White Crochet toy basket - Two Little Bambinos

Petrol Cloud cushion, grey & white heart cushions- Peppermint Tree Creations

Rug- Fantastic furniture

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